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Happy Remote Start Customer

How to Shop for a Remote Start

We thought it would be a good idea to share some experiences we’ve learned over the years and to share some mistakes we’ve seen customers make year after year when shopping for a remote start system.  How to shop for a remote start?  While you’ll say it’s not difficult, you just look around, buy one and  … Read more

Why buy satellite radio

Why Buy Satellite Radio for My Car?

Why buy Satellite Radio for your Car?   Here’s Why: Tons of great reasons!  When you experience the convenience and pleasure of  satellite radio in your car you won’t be asking why buy satellite radio.  It’s that good!  First, satellite radio reception comes from a satellite, not a radio station tower and not a cell  … Read more

Remote Start Benefits post

Remote Start Benefits by National Auto Sound & Security

Remote Start Benefits You Can Feel! Having one of our National Auto Sound & Security Remote Convenience Packages installed in your vehicle is the best solution to get great remote start benefits and beat the cold, freezing and snowy winters that we face here in Kansas City. Imagine before coming out to your vehicle you  … Read more

Pioneer Avic-8100NEX carplay

Connect Phone to Car Radio; Car Play, Car Bluetooth, Car MHL(HDMI)

Smart Phone Connectivity; Connect Phone to Car Radio Smart phones have changed the way people interact with the world for sure, and now with new innovations, they also have changed the way you interact with your in-car entertainment system. Now, all major smart phones can connect wired or wirelessly to interact with your car radio  … Read more

Why Buy an In-Dash Navigation System

Great Reasons to Buy an In-Dash Navigation Deck In-dash navigation systems represent the best technology available and many of these navigation decks are loaded with extra features for accessing your music and information from your smart phone, satellite radio, backup camera, etc. It’s neat to have everything built-in and at your fingertips, working smoothly as  … Read more

Pointers on Choosing a Car Bass Amplifier & Power Ratings

Choosing a Car Bass Amplifier So, you’re beginning the process of choosing a car bass amplifier for your new subwoofer system. Your friend said you need at least 1,600 watts and his system sounds great so you shop around.  You look at all kinds of amps at different prices. You’re wanting those watts but your wallet has only  … Read more

Local Service & Support Example

Example of LOCAL Service & Support from National Auto Sound & Security: A customer was shopping for an in-car video system. Because he was concerned about quality and customer service he decided to shop locally at our store. He knew we’ve been here for many years and had a good reputation for quality work. We  … Read more

A Look at Car Video Deck Features

Glossy Capacitive Touchscreen Displays Now many of the top of the line in dash car video decks are coming with capacitive touchscreen display panels similar to those used on the top smartphone screens.  They have several advantages over lower priced screens. The capacitive touchscreens are very quick with their response to your touch, the screens  … Read more