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Why Buy an In-Dash Navigation System

Great Reasons to Buy an In-Dash Navigation Deck

In-dash navigation systems represent the best technology available and many of these navigation decks are loaded with extra features for accessing your music and information from your smart phone, satellite radio, backup camera, etc. It’s neat to have everything built-in and at your fingertips, working smoothly as one unit not having to bother with cords to connect one thing to another to get the navigation to work right. And Wow! The LARGE screen is really easy on the eyes and fingers. Here are some of the advanced information and car audio features available with in dash navigation systems:

• In-Dash Navigation doesn’t drop out with weak 3G or 4G reception. It’s always there, Reliable! Not dependent on cell phone reception & the area you’re in.

• Real Time Traffic Alerts: Get real-time traffic updates to help you go around traffic problems before you get there. The traffic alert systems will alert you and can re-navigate you around the problem area automatically if you want. Some traffic programs require a subscription, others don’t.

• Split Screen View: Allows viewing the navigation screen on one sidesplit view on in-dash navigation screen along with radio control window on the other. Toggle back and forth via touching the screen or a button.

lane assist with junction view in-dash navigation• Lane Assist with Junction View – The Lane Assist function guides you to the appropriate lane to be in for upcoming junctions and interchanges, and Junction View displays a realistic view of upcoming road details facilitating a safer navigation experience.

Advanced Speach recognition in-dash navigation• Advanced Speech Recognition (Voice Control) – The Advanced Speech Recognition or Voice Control feature allows for voice controlled operation of the navigation system and allows you to input an addresses and phone numbers, choosing menu options and points of interest by voice. Command the navigation system to “Find the nearest Starbucks” as an example. The voice control system can operate the audio and video systems, allowing the user to change between multiple sources, make phone calls, seek out music and video files and access station presets.

• Touchscreen control of navigation functions – Control your navigation with your fingertips from the large screen.

iDataLink-Maestro-Rr_smliDataLink Maestro Rr: Some In-Dash Navigation receivers allow retention of Factory video display information like gauges, tire pressure, existing satellite radio system, climate information, rear seat entertainment through the iDataLink Maestro connection which is an optional software connection from the new aftermarket video receiver to the car.

• Accessing your Smartphone Apps on your Car Video Desktop: Yes, now you canApps-on-car-video-screen_sm have selected apps appear LARGE on your 6 to 7 inch car video screen where you can actually touchscreen control them like on an iPad or your smartphone. This is possible with some aftermarket car audio manufacturer’s APP Mode software with iPhones and Android plus Apple Car Play and Android Auto, pre-programmed into most of the new navigation radios to integrate your phone with your dashboard.

• Bluetooth expanded functionality: With Bluetooth on your phone and in your video deck you can have hands-free interaction. The deck and phone are “paired” together first as part of our installation of your purchase, and once they are wirelessly hooked you are ready to go. You can play your favorite Pandora™ Radio stations or any other internet radio source, talk on the phone hands-free while driving (without the frustrating ear buds) and even use other smart phone apps through the touch screen feature in your video deck. If the phone rings, don’t worry, the music sound will mute automatically and you can talk freely while driving.

•  Satellite Radio option can be added to most navigation receivers to enjoy seamless radio station access siriusXM2_smlwhile you drive across the US.  If you already have factory satellite radio, it can be retained with most new aftermarket nav decks by the addition of the iDataLink Maestro described above.

Why Buy an In-Dash Navigation System?

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