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Air Horns Installed for Car, Truck, Motorcycle


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Economical Air Horn Systems

The most affordable air horns are a two trumpet system with their own small air compressor.  These systems are great for vehicles to give that extra loud and sharp horn honk when needed.  And you can test out in our showroom before you buy.  Brands available from $39.95 to 69.95.  Installation available.
The long single trumpet gives a slightly deeper sound.  This has a similar compressor to the above system but a deeper more train like sound.  Brands available from $79.95 to $99.95  Installation available


Larger System Air Horns with reservoir tanks


 ProBlaster™ complete chrome compact dual air horn package
Kleinn HK-1    $254.95

Complete dual air horn kit includes a super-compact chrome dual horn, with a 120 PSI air system. The kit is easy to fit in virtually any vehicle. The horn has chrome plated 8.5″ and 6.5″ trumpets that produce an extremely loud piercing blast that will rattle your brain! In addition the kit includes a .5 gallon air reservoir tank for sustained blasts.  In addition professional installation is available.

 ProBlaster™ complete chrome compact dual air horn package
Kleinn HK-2   $279.99

Dual truck horn, two all metal trumpets 16.75″ and 14.5″ in length. Think fire truck or ambulance horn but LOUDER! The flat design allows for easy mounting behind the grille, in the engine compartment or on a frame rail.  In addition the kit includes a sealed 120 PSI air system with a 0.5 gallon air tank.

Kleinn HK3 Chrome Triple Air Horn Kit $344.99

ProBlaster™ complete chrome compact triple air horn package

Compact all triple train horn with three tuned metal trumpets. 14.25″, 11.5″, and 9.25″.  This horn produces a startling blended three-tone blast that is guaranteed to get attention. The package includes a 130 PSI air compressor and 1 gallon tank for more blast time.  And professional installation is available.




Let us make your car, truck, or bike sound distinctive by adding air horns.   Also for safety and getting attention in traffic when you need it, nothing beats a loud horn.  In addition air horns can be wired to your vehicle security system for added protection and deterrence.


Questions? Come into Our Store and talk with a real air horn expert! We’ll help you pick out the one that’s right for your vehicle.

And Remember Air horn systems purchased online have no local warranty. Since we are authorized dealers for the lines we sell, we give a local warranty and local product support. See our local support benefits when you buy from us, especially if we install your purchase.