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Car Alarm Features, Part 1

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What are some of the car alarm features that a vehicle security system can have?

The most popular and common is keyless entry. The vehicle security system will lock your doors when you arm the alarm and will unlock your doors when you disarm the security system. Even if you currently have keyless entry on your vehicle, this feature does not always transfer to your new security system automatically.  On some cars it must be wired into the new car alarm system as an option when it is installed.

Car Remote Starter – Nowadays many of the car security systems we sell are packaged with Remote Start.

Two Way car alarm systems, sometimes called confirming or paging car alarms. These two-way security systems have a confirming remote control. This type of car remote control communicates silently with the car alarm system in your vehicle as long as it is within range (which can vary, depending on the system, from a few hundred feet to almost a mile). The remote control alerts the owner by either beeping or vibrating when the car alarm reports a violation. The remote control displays a symbol on its screen to report the exact type of incident. The two-way system will also confirm arming and disarming and lock & unlock in the same manner. They can also come with a remote starter built-in.   These  remote start car alarms  have the most popular car alarm features in a complete package: state of the art vehicle security, keyless entry & remote start.

Vehicle tracking – You can add a vehicle GPS tracking system to your existing security or you can purchase a car alarm with a vehicle GPS tracking system built in. Basically this allows you to find car in real time, a GPS locator. Vehicle location will display on your cell phone or the GPS tracking information can be viewed online on a secure website with your password. You can also view a history of past vehicle locations, and be alerted if the car goes beyond pre-determined boundaries or exceeds a speed limit of your own setting. As part of an aftermarket security system, the GPS tracking systems can alert you in case of theft by texting your cell phone or calling pre-assigned phone numbers. As part of a remote start car alarm package, you can remote start the vehicle, lock or unlock the doors, turn the alarm on or off, etc. from your smart phone from virtually any distance, even from another state.

Trunk release or trunk pop. Many factory remote controls have an automatic trunk opener button on the car remote control. The trunk release feature can be added to the aftermarket car security system as well. However, like keyless entry, this feature may not automatically transfer itself to the new car alarm just because you may have it already on the factory remote control. The trunk opener feature may have to be separately installed onto the new car security system. It just depends on the vehicle.

2nd Zone or Dual Zone impact sensor. Some systems come automatically with this feature. This is a 2nd impact sensor zone that reacts to minor tampering that would not normally trip the main impact sensor. The point of this sensor is that it enables the car security system to detect minor tampering before any real damage to the car is done and to alert you in a way that will not cause false alarms. When the 2nd zone detects the minor tampering to the vehicle, it causes the auto alarm siren to chirp a few times and also flashes the lights a few times to alert you and the intruder that they have been detected. It does not cause the car alarm to sound continuously until the main impact sensor is disturbed.

Digital Tilt Sensor – An excellent way to help protect expensive wheels and tires. The digital tiltDigital Tilt Sensor sensor senses any change to the angle you are parked at and sounds your vehicle security system when it detects your car being jacked up.  If your car security system is tied into a Smart Start or Drone smartphone control system, you will receive a text or email to your phone alerting you your security system was set off.  Isn’t it worth protecting your investment? The car security experts at National can show you how with this and other cal alarm features.

Car Alarm Features – Part 2 »