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Remote Start Installation in Kansas City

Expert Remote Start Installation. Prices as low as $199.99 Installed or $249.99 For Most Newer Vehicles that need bypass modules. (Exact price depends on vehicle*)

Selling Remote Start Installation

Remote Starts Available for Most Vehicles including Diesels, Push-To Starts, Hybrids, and Manual Transmission Vehicles.  Stop By,  Quality Remote Start Installation is Available Daily!

See Our Great Selection of Name Brand Remote Start Systems Below.   Store Hours 9 to 6  M-F, & 9 to 5:30  Sat, Closed Sunday,   816-356-8700

Remote Start Installation in Kansas City:

National Auto Sound & Security is Kansas City’s most successful remote start installation shop.  We’ve been selling and installing remote car starters since they became available in the 1990’s.  Also with today’s advancements in technology, remote start systems have never been safer and more reliable. We have experience working on all types of vehicles.  Consequently with our dedication to quality work we give you a professional remote start installation on your vehicle. We have been providing this service for years.  In conclusion our local warranty service and support gives you the best all around deal.  Stop by and see for yourself.

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Code Alarm Remote Start Systems


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Remote Starter Overview

With today’s improved products we do remote start installations on diesels, hybrids, push-to-start cars, and even manual transmission vehicles. Remote start systems can include added features such as using your phone to start, lock/unlock or track your vehicle. Range has been improved also.  The average long range remote start we sell  has 3 to 4 times the range of a factory remote start system.  Furthermore we can service, add to and upgrade our systems for years after their installation. Now-a-days getting an aftermarket remote start installed in your car just makes sense.  Therefor it’s become part of the present day convenience and safety we want for ourselves in our vehicles.  Most of all, let our over 100 years of on-staff experience go to work for you for your next remote start installation.

*Remote Start Pricing will vary with vehicle:  Many newer vehicles require the addition of specialized  modules so  the remote start will work with your vehicle’s factory security and computerized electronics.  Therefore knowing what parts you need will help us determine the final price. Occasionally there may be added labor on some cars. In addition the price will depend on which of the many remote start system you choose.  See more on What do Remote Starts Cost?