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Keyless Entry Installed at National Auto Sound & Security

Has Your Keyless Entry on your car stopped working?  Let us Fix It with a New System. We Offer Same Day Installation.  And its installed with two Remote Controls!
Since Price Varies with Vehicle, Come by or Call for pricing:  816-356-8700
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Includes Our One Year Warranty for All Parts and Service

Micro-Keyless-EntryKeyless entry systems are priced assuming your vehicle already has working power door locks. To add keyless entry to your vehicle if you do not have existing power locks on the vehicle, please see paragraph at bottom of page.

Ask about these popular features that can be added to most vehicles during installation of the system:

  1. Trunk or hatch release – Pops open trunk with separate button on remote
  2. Horn Honk or Car Finder (Noise helps locate car in crowded parking lot)
  3. Dome light illumination – Turns on interior lights when vehicle is unlocked
  4. Starter Disable – Prevents vehicle from starting when vehicle is locked with Keyless Entry system.

Adding Remote Keyless Entry or Remote Unlock to vehicles with no power door locks:

If your car has no power locks or if a particular door of the vehicle has no power locks, then we must install a power door lock motor or actuator inside your door.  As a result this will enable the keyless entry to work on that door.  The new actuator will activate the lock(s) automatically when the unlock/lock button is pressed on your remote control. Door lock actuators are an additional charge and must be added to any door that doesn’t have working power locks. Therefore they can be installed as part of the Keyless Entry installation if they are needed.

When you purchase your keyless entry, car alarm or remote start product from us you get complete local warranty service and support.  Please click below and see the benefits of our local warranty and installation.