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Subwoofer & Amp Packages

Special Subwoofer & Amp Packages On Display, Get Great Prices, a Real Local Warranty (We cover blown subs!) + Same Day Installation – See our Install-Me-Today Coupon


Pioneer Single 12 inch Sub in Ported Box with Pioneer Amp

Pioneer Single 12 inch Sub in Ported Box with Pioneer Amp

Kicker 12 inch Subs in Custom Kicker Enclosure with Kicker Amp

Kenwood 12 inch Subs with Kenwood Amp + Dual 12 Box


Lots of Sub & Amp Packages to Choose From

Here at National Auto Sound & Security we have many subwoofer & amp packages available in our store and on display for you to hear and purchase.  In addition Get the benefit of same day installation.  Especially important our packages are selected to give you the right box and amplifier to support the subs you’re buying.  Consequently you receive the best performance for your money.  Also your system comes with a complete local warranty which even covers blown subs!


Alpine Dual 12 inch Subs with Alpine Amp & Ported Box

Pioneer Champion Series 12 Subs, Pioneer Amp & Slot Vented Box

Kicker CompR Dual 12 Subs, Ported Box, & Amp Package


And Even More Subwoofer & Amp Packages!

There’s lots more to see and hear in our showroom.  We have bass packages of all sizes and power ranges.   So you have a choice.  Quite a choice with subwoofer and amp packages beginning from $219 on up.  In addition all our packages come with subwoofer(s), amp and speaker box included.

Most of all, if you want common sense no bs expert advise, come see us.  We’ll steer you straight so you won’t make a mistake.  Also don’t forget our local warranty – We cover blown subs!  And if you want it installed we’ll install it TODAY!

Questions?  Stop by Our Store today and speak with a Real Car Subwoofer & Amp Expert!

Remember, if you purchase car subwoofers or amps online, you get no local warranty.  National gives you local warranty support.  Therefore if you blow a sub months after your purchase we can usually replace it under our local warranty support.  See our Speaker Replacement Warranty when you buy from us.