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Python Remote Start & Alarm Systems in Kansas City

Python Remote Start systems and Python Remote Start Security systems are top-of-the-line. They are manufactured by DEI, a leader in car security and remote starter technology.  Python has a nationwide support network of authorized dealers to help you no matter where you travel.  As a result you are in good hands with one of the most established brands in the industry.  Also Python offers the DEI Smartstart system to start your car from your phone.  All things considered, consider the best, Python.  After all its one of the best moves you can make.  See a description of the models we carry below and take advantage of our Quality Installation available daily!  Call for pricing  816-356-8700

Python Remote Start Systems

Python 4806P up to 1-Mile Range Two-Way remote start system with one confirming LED two-way remote control and one one-way companion remote.  System uses state of the art SST spread spectrum technology for tremendous range.  Manual transmission and Smart Start compatible.

Python 4205P Mini 1-Button Long Range remote start comes with two 1/2 mile  range two way one button remote controls.   Small compact remote controls, both long range two-way.  Add a Smart Start to start your car from your phone!

Python Security Alarm & Remote Start Systems

These systems are a combination remote start system with vehicle security features built in.


Python 5806P One Mile Range Alarm Remote Start with one LED two-way confirming remote control and one one-way companion remote. Can add Smart Start to system to get phone alerts if your alarm is triggered.

Python 5706P One Mile Range Two-Way Alarm Remote Start with confirming LCD screen 5 button remote control and one one-way companion remote.  Can add Smart Start to system to receive phone alerts when alarm is triggered.


Python remote start systems are also compatible with manual transmission vehicles, hybrids and push to start cars. You can add the “start your car from your phone” feature with the addition of the Smart Start module which can be added to any Python remote start system or their remote start plus alarm systems.



How Important Is Installation: When you are shopping for remote starts and car alarms, installation is critical. On today’s computerized vehicles it takes exact technical information, proper interface modules programmed with the correct software and experience and skill to know what to do. Each make, model and year can be different.

When you purchase a vehicle security system or remote start from us, you are getting the benefit of our staff’s combined 100+ years of technical expertise. Since all shops are not the same, wouldn’t you rather shop and be serviced by the best? See our local warranty service and support when you buy from us. Click below.

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