Custom Built Speaker Boxes for Car Audio

We Make Custom Built Speaker Boxes to Fit Your Vehicle

For a Custom Finished Look so Your Car Audio System will Look & Sound as Sharp as Your Car

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We make several kinds of custom built speaker boxes constructed from wood or fiberglass.  The wood boxes are usually finished either in carpet or custom upholstered to match an existing interior or finished in a distinctive way to set the custom enclosure apart.  Fiberglass boxes are built to blend into an interior and give a custom curved appearance finished in a gloss color of choice to accent the interior with a unique look or upholstered to blend in for a custom crafted appearance.

Dual Kicker 15Dual Kicker 15 Squares finished in Custom Vinyl Upholstery. Box Vent is visible along bottom edge of box facing toward rear of car.

Building Box1Beginning the building process.  Cutting MDF on Panel Saw

Carpeted or upholstered custom built speaker boxes are usually  constructed of MDF, medium density fiberboard. After calculating the needed volume and the appropriate vent dimensions if the box is to be ported, the enclosure is carefully built, all the joints sealed and any interior bracing completed for added strength if needed.  Sometimes the mounting surface for the sub woofer will be built extra thick, like one to one and a half inches to provide extra rigidity for extremely heavy and powerful sub woofers that require the added box strength.  When the subwoofer pounds we want the box to be ridged and strong with all the bass energy going to move air and create intense sound pressure for fantastic bass instead of vibrating the hell out of the box itself.

Quad 15 BoxVented Quad 15 Box Carpeted. Vents have custom black grills built into box surface.

Building Fiberglass EnclosureChris preparing area of Motorcycle for Custom Fiberglass Enclosure

We build custom fiberglass speaker boxes as well.  Fiberglass is a very strong and rigid material but much lighter in weight than wood.  The construction process is more time consuming and costly but allows us to build unique shapes with curved surfaces richly finished giving a totally high-end appearance .  Drop by and speak with us about what you need and expect.  It’s not possible to give an accurate price quote on the design of custom built speaker boxes by phone due to too many details that have to be worked out which effect the final price.

Box Contruction2Typical Custom Built Speaker Box Under Construction

Honda AccordDual 12 Custom Upholstered Speaker Box in Honda Accord with Blue LED Lights inside Vents

Fiberglass 8 inch enclosure upholstered
Upholstered Fiberglass Enclosure for inside Bike Saddlebag, for 8 inch Sub

To design and build your custom bass enclosure we’ll talk with you and look over your vehicle to determine exactly what you’re wanting.  The design of custom built speaker boxes depends not only on your car but on the type of subs you’ll be using and the amplifiers you’ll use to drive them.  Once the details of your bass system are known and we discuss final appearance, we can figure out the best box design for your situation.  We’ll discuss the details with you, make a rough drawing and come up with a price and a completion date.

Questions on Custom Built Speaker Boxes?
Come into Our Store and Speak with a real Car Audio Expert!

(For Pre Made Vehicle Specific Boxes Click Here)

And Remember When you buy a subwoofer enclosure online you have no local warranty. We give a local warranty and local product support for the products we sell. See our local support benefits when you buy from us, especially if we install your purchase.