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How to Shop for a Remote Start

How to shop for a remote startWe thought it would be a good idea to share some experiences we’ve learned over the years and to share some mistakes we’ve seen customers make year after year when shopping for a remote start system.  How to shop for a remote start?  While you’ll say it’s not difficult, you just look around, buy one and get it installed, right?  Well, yes and no. The thing is there are some guidelines you should try to observe if you can.  You’ll end up avoiding some common mistakes.  So here they are.

How to Shop for a Remote Start:

While everyone wants a good deal, Don’t Buy a Remote Start System online.

Sure, you say.  You want my business so you’re just trying to get me to buy from you.  Well, that’s not it.

a. If you buy online you won’t be getting any local warranty service or product guarantee.  A remote starter isn’t a pair of shoes.  It has lots of electrical parts and software.  It needs to be installed and set up right and if it needs service now and then you need someone qualified.  After all it’s being installed into the electronics of your car’s computer.  If your online remote start is bad or needs service, you’ll have to pay a local shop to figure it out, but they won’t be able to replace any parts for you.  You’ll have to send your parts back to somewhere?? to see if you can get them exchanged or repaired.  Most online stores give no more than a 30 day warranty on your purchase.

b. You’re likely not to save much or any money since you’ll pay more for installation and have no local warranty on your parts once they’re installed. If you’re buying the remote start as a gift, do your loved one a favor and buy from a reputable local dealer who can take care of them and their car if there are any issues. Also if you buy online,s service, who’s going to warranty it for free in Kansas City.  No one.

 c. You’re likely to buy some wrong parts.  Even when the guy on the phone at the online store tells you “yes it includes everything you need”, it often doesn’t or it includes the wrong parts for your make and model which you can’t exchange anywhere on the day you need it installed.  We see this happen all the time.  The guy on the phone didn’t realize your car required something a little different because he doesn’t install, lacks experience and didn’t read the tech notes on your vehicle.

d. Some manufacturer’s won’t warranty their product unless it’s installed by an authorized dealer.  The local authorized dealer, if one does exist, is going to charge you more since you didn’t buy from him and he isn’t going to warranty your parts.  If they need service, you’ll have to ship them off yourself.

e. If you need service later on, you’ll pay for it.  Local shops won’t warranty you’re equipment.  Just to troubleshoot it (find out what’s wrong if it isn’t working right)  will cost you money.

f. During the busy Christmas or winter season you’re likely to have to wait longer to get your own product installed before a local shop has time to do it.

Buy your system from a dealer who can install it and who can warranty their work and all parts locally.

An installing dealer who does lots of remote car starter systems knows his product and should know your car. Installing dealers know you’ve come to them for your business and service so they have a vested interest in making your experience a good one and making sure everything works.  After all, you’re not buying a pair of socks.  A remote car starter needs expert knowledge to install and set it up right.
When you buy your product from the dealer, if for any reason a part isn’t working right he’ll exchange or replace it immediately.  You’ll leave with a working system and if for any reason you do have to come back for service, you won’t hear them tell you “Your part is no good.  You’ll have to send it back to where you bought it.”

Consider buying a Long Range Remote Start System

Long Range Remote StartA common thing is most shoppers go for the most affordable system they can find.  This isn’t bad.  After all, on most late model cars remote start systems aren’t as cheap as they once were because of the interface parts required to work with your car’s computer  and software.  However, there isn’t really that much difference in cost now between a standard range remote start and a long range model, usually only around $50 to $70 is all, though two-way long range systems will add about double that to the price.
The difference in performance is that a longer range model will insure you can start your car at work or from inside a restaurant or from inside a large store like Walmart, etc.  This makes a major difference in convenience.  After all that’s a main reason why you’re buying it.  When all is said and done, looking back, it’s worth having spend that little extra to get the better range.  Most of the time you use your remote start will be away from your home where the extra range will help.

Given a choice, Buy an aftermarket remote start rather than one that comes with the new car from the maker

Why?  1. Because aftermarket remote start systems perform better and have much longer range, even our basic systems.   An average aftermarket system will have a real world usable range of two to three times farther.  This will make a major difference when you need to start your vehicle.
2. Also with an aftermarket remote start system you can turn your remote start on and off as often as you like from inside your home or work place without having to go back out to your car and reset the system.  If you change your mind and decide not to leave right away, or you need more time and want your vehicle to warm up even more, you can start your aftermarket system again and again, or shut it off whenever you want and restart it later without going outside to reset your car.
3. You’ll get better after the sale service with aftermarket product bought from a reliable dealer.  Instead of having to leave your vehicle at the dealership for the day, most aftermarket service at our store can be done within an hour once work is begun.
4. You can add extra benefits to many of our remote start packages whenever you want, like start your car by phone, ability to track your vehicle, rear seat defroster activation; see Remote Start Benefits.

Buy From a Dealer You Can Trust and Count On for a Quality Installation and After the Sale Service

How to shop for a remote startAll dealers are not the same.  If you’re just buying an apple from the grocery store, you can shop anywhere.  But expert installation and after the sale service and, equally important, recommending the right product in the first place is what we and other top shops do.  A professional remote start dealer knows his product and handles lines he can back up to give you the service and performance you expect. A good dealer will listen to you, determining what it is you need and recommend the right solution.
We don’t carry one system to fit all customers.  We have lots of remote start systems to fit different situations and customer needs.  When you shop with us you will have a choice of different ways you can do your remote start package.  After all it does depend on what you want.  See our article on Remote Start Benefits to see options and all the many things a remote start system can do.

Don’t Let a Car Dealer Talk You Out of An Aftermarket Remote Start System

Where do car dealers go when they want to add a remote car starter system to their new vehicles if the car didn’t come with one? car salesman That’s right, they come to us or other stores like us.  What do car dealers say to you when they don’t want you to buy one of our remote start systems?  They say things like “Aftermarket systems can mess up your car and void your factory warranty.” So, you get the idea.
Of course it’s always possible an inexperienced installer or a bad install could hurt your car, but that’s no different from taking your vehicle to a bad mechanic for repairs.  With the thousands of remote starts we and other dealers install throughout the United States each year it’s pretty clear they are not only safe but a great benefit.
In addition your factory warranty is protected – by Federal law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Protection Act.  The law says a car dealer can’t refuse you warranty service unless he can directly prove the aftermarket part installed has harmed your vehicle. You have the legal right to install any type of aftermarket parts to your car any time you want without jeopardizing your new car warranty.  If a car dealer tells you your warranty will be in jeopardy, they are blowing smoke in your face and trying to mislead you for their own reasons.

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We have been selling and installing remote starters from the time they became available.  Most of our installers are MECP certified in car audio and remote start electronics and ASE certified in automobile electronics.  We have over 100 years of combined experience among our staff.  We offer quality remote start installations daily.   We’ll show you how you can start your car from your phone!  We even have  remote starts for manual transmission cars. How to shop for a Remote Start?  Drop by anytime and we’ll show you.

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