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Smart Start Remote Starting in Kansas City

Smart Start Your Car from Your Phone

Requires Compatible Python Remote Start

Python Smart StartStart your vehicle from your phone with Smart Start!  Unlimited Range*  On Sale Now! Installed.  
Stop by Our Store and talk with one of our Remote Start Experts about your vehicle.  In Addition Quality Installations available daily!

Works with iPhone and Android Smartphones
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Smart Start Remote Starting allows you to start your car and lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone.  And it gives you visual confirmation on your phone that your car started or your doors are locked/unlocked. Also see the list of the included features below. The Smart Start requires a compatible Python remote start system to be installed  with it.  In addition there is a small  subscription fee paid to DEI (Directed Electronics) the manufacturer and administrator of the Smart Start program.

Most people buy the Smart Start with a Python remote start that comes with its own remote controls.  In this way you can start your car with your phone or with your remotes. So stop by and we’ll school you on the different ways you can set up a system and the available options.
Smart Start Systems are available in two different units, one standard with no GPS and the other with GPS.  As a result the GPS unit is available for additional cost and with added features and benefits associated with GPS tracking and vehicle locating.

Smart Start Remote Start Features:

    • Lock/arm*
    • Unlock/disarm*
    • Remote car starter*
    • Trunk release*
    • Panic or car finder*
    • App can control more than one vehicle (additional Smart Start must be purchased for each vehicle)
    • App passcode protection
    • Password management utilities included in App
    • Siri Integration: Start by voice command with new Smart Start  App for iPhone

          *These features require a compatible remote start to be installed with the Smart Start module

Advantages of Smart Start

1.  You’ll have as much range as you want or need to remotely start vehicle, even with entry level remote start system

2.  You have the ability to unlock or lock vehicle from anywhere – great if keys are locked in car

3.  You can locate your vehicle with the GPS Smart Start system; gives current location and speed if vehicle is moving.

4.  You’ll get Alarm notification on your phone if Smart Start is purchased with compatible remote start/car alarm.

5.  Emergency Roadside assistance from smart phone with Smart Start system (option).

6.  Various notifications to your smartphone with the GPS Smart Start:  For instance get car theft warning, vehicle speeding notification, and even notification of vehicle driving into unauthorized areas that you determine (geo-fencing).  Also you can program it to give you curfew violations on a young driver!  Some of these notifications require the premium data plan.

7.  Car finder:  Did you forget where you parked?  You can get map and direction back to your vehicle from your phone if you purchase the GPS Smart Start system.

Want to learn more? Come into Our Store and Talk with a real Car Remote Start Auto Alarm Expert!

* Both user and vehicle must have cell phone coverage.

*Remote Start Pricing:  Since many newer vehicles require the addition of specialized  modules so  the remote start will work with your vehicle’s factory security and computerized electronics, knowing what parts you need will determine the final price.   Please call or come by to get a quote on your vehicle.   Sometimes it’s not possible to give a completely accurate price quote without first inspecting the vehicle and discussing your preferences in our store.  While we try to be as accurate as possible over the phone, remote start pricing will vary due to year & make  of vehicle and any unique technical issues that  involve your specific model.   Your preferences  and the  remote start system you select will effect the total price as well .