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About Us

About Us: National Auto Sound & Security

National Auto Sound & Security is a locally owned car audio store and a remote start & vehicle security store founded in 1964.   Therefore being local and being installation specialists we apply our experience to recommend what will work best for you.  Since we have over 100 years of combined experience on staff to serve you, we help you make the right choice.  As a result, in this age of national chains and the internet, we stand out with superior person service.  Why? Because a well run local business like ours offers better value.  As a matter of fact, we offer better advice, service, a local warranty and support, & even better overall price!

Because of our 50+ years in business we know how to save you money.  And we keep you from buying the wrong things.   Let us point you in the right direction.  We are dedicated to giving you the best advice possible when you shop with us.  And we are here to help you with customer service even years after your purchase.

Our Staff

Ben Marr, Manager, MECP & ASE Certified in Auto Electronics, 20 years experienceMike Dozark, Installation & SalesCarl Preston, Installation, Service & SalesEdgar Flores, Sales.  Hablamos espanol


Carl Galler, Founder 1922-2016

The Early Years:

We began selling car stereos in 1964 with Muntz 4-Track under-dash players from our downtown business near 19th & Baltimore. Before then we sold auto air conditioning systems for cars.  We were one of the earliest retailers and installers of auto air conditioning systems in the 50′s.  At this time cars didn’t come with A/C like they do now.  Therefor we sold and installed auto air conditioners for cars from 1954 to the mid sixties.  By 1964 many cars were coming with air conditioners from the factory.

However, a new product was just beginning to be sold in the US.  Yes adding a tape player to your car, usually installed under the dash, was just beginning.  For the first time you could play your own music whenever you wanted in your car.  At that time in-dash cassette or tape players didn’t exist.  And this was the very beginning of aftermarket car audio, when the industry was just starting. Previously, no one had anything other than an AM radio in their vehicle. About this time FM car radios were just coming out. Consequently 8-track players and cassettes did not yet exist in the marketplace.

In 1966 we opened our first store dedicated solely to car stereo at 5319 Troost as K.C. Auto Sound.  Under its founder, Carl Galler, K.C. Auto Sound was a pioneer in car stereo and among the first stores of its kind in the US.  In the late 60′s as part of our expansion to a multi store chain throughout the US we changed our name to National Auto Sound.  At that time we opened our Independence store across the street from where we are presently located, just west of Sterling on Highway 40.


Although we have been selling car audio for over 50 years, we have expanded our installation expertise to include car alarms, remote starters, in-car video systems, navigation, satellite radio, backup cameras, custom car audio fabrication and more.  Throughout the years and through all of these changes, National Auto Sound has remained a locally owned family business.

We have always been fortunate to have a knowledgeable staff of outstanding installation technicians and salespeople with many years of industry experience.  Leading our team with over 20 years experience at this location is our outstanding general manager Ben Marr, whose dedication and passion for excellent customer service is evident in every customer transaction.   Stop by and experience our commitment to serving our customers with high quality workmanship and quick service.


Look for us at 11001 East Highway 40 in Independence, MO,  just West of the intersection of Sterling Ave. and 40 Highway.  That’s just down the hill from Quick Trip and next to V’s Italian Restaurant. Click HERE for a map.  We’re open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm & Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm, Closed Sunday.  Please Check our map.    Sometimes our address doesn’t show in the right location on many navigation systems.