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Kenwood Subwoofers


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Kenwood eXcelon logoKenwood eXcelon Reference 10″ & 12″ Subwoofers:

Super-sturdy, & powerful, the Kenwood eXcelon subwoofers are available in either 4 ohm or 2 ohm impedance.  They have a long stroke design and have been redesigned to offer an oversized diaphragm. Consequently low frequency output has been improved. As a result by increasing the cone area without changing the cutout diameter gives you fantastic bass output. Truly high-performance subs, the Reference 12 inch has an impressive 2000W peak power or 400 watts RMS (CEA SPEC).  Also the eXcelon reference 10 inch is rated at 1300 watts peak and 300 watts RMS.  In conclusion, the Kenwood eXcelon subwoofers carry a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Why eXcelon

Your speakers may be the most important piece of the sound quality puzzle. Kenwood eXcelon Subwoofers employ oversized drivers to enhance low-end range and large tweeters that improve mid- to high-range transitions, ideal for clear and dynamic vocals.  Also their oversized woofers provide quick response and offer stable and powerful bass that remains true to the original recording.   And Kenwood uses only the highest manufacturing standards to produce their eXcelon line of subwoofers. Consequently these high standards allow KENWOOD eXcelon subwoofers to deliver their expected performance and have long term reliability so your music can be enjoyed for many years.

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