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When you have National Auto Sound & Security install your purchase!  See details below.

Plus, in case of a defect, Get 90 Days Over-the-Counter-Exchange on most products EVEN if we don’t install your purchase.  See details below.

Get our extended service and local warranty support for up to a YEAR on most products we sell. When you have us install your purchase and if the product qualifies for one year warranty support through our store, you qualify for the best local service and support you can get. That’s it.   Ask us whether your purchase qualifies.  Have us install your new purchase and here’s what you get:  

INSTALLATION DISCOUNTS and benefits: See our Install Me Today coupon available with most purchases.  Must mention coupon at the time of your purchase.  Not valid on clearance items or items with less than a year store warranty support.  Ask salesperson.

• INSTALLATION DONE RIGHT the first time.  Quality installation is the standard we set. Our experienced installation staff has the years of experience to do your job right. We’ll test the installation when we’re done, making sure your equipment is adjusted for top performance so you can enjoy your purchase with no hassles.

• INSTALLATION WARRANTY: We warranty our installation for a year on products that qualify for the one year local store warranty support.  Installation is warranted against any defects in workmanship or materials.  If something goes wrong with the install we’ll fix it at no charge. 


FREE TROUBLESHOOTING:  Our local warranty support gives you free troubleshooting.  If you feel your product you purchased from us might be defective but you’re not sure what’s wrong, our Installation Warranty includes FREE troubleshooting in your vehicle to determine if your product is defective.  Keep in mind that a promise of Lifetime technical support from an online store doesn’t fix a blown speaker, a bad amp or a video system that won’t turn on.  And an online store won’t do the investigating inside your car to determine what’s really wrong.  But WE DO!  That’s what our FREE TROUBLESHOOTING is about!

• FREE REMOVAL & RE-INSTALLATION: If your purchase is in need of service, our Installation Service warranty includes FREE Removal and Re-installation for at least the first 90 days plus removal and re-installation is covered for the length of the installation warranty up to a year. This means if your covered product needs service our local warranty support will cover removing it from the vehicle and after it’s fixed we’ll re-install it at no charge.  And we’ve included the FREE troubleshooting to determine where the problem is in the first place, so the correct repair is performed.

• OVER THE COUNTER EXCHANGE: If your National Auto Sound & Security purchase is defective we can provide an over the counter exchange of the defective product for a new one of the same model for the first 90 days for most brands.*  If we installed your purchase, some products may qualify for up to a year over the counter exchange depending upon the brand, the model and the product’s life cycle. Since our installation warranty support covers troubleshooting your product at no charge, if your product is defective we provide free removal and re-installation and in many cases an over-the-counter-exchange replacement while you wait.   Simply put, you get better customer service benefits not available through most stores and certainly not available through online stores.

*Not all products qualify.  In addition a shipping and handling fee may apply on some products.  Also over-the-counter-exchange is not available on clearance, one-of-a-kind, or closeout items or for products sold with less than a 90 day store warranty.

Your rights as a consumer to put aftermarket car audio, remote starts and other equipment on your vehicle while keeping your factory warranty is protected by law.  See Magnuson-Moss Warranty Protection Act.