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Compustar Remote Start Alarm Systems in Kansas City

Compustar Remote Start

Compustar Remote Start Alarm Systems
Installed Daily at National Auto Sound & Security

Compustar remote start alarm systems are developed in Anchorage, Alaska so they know how to produce a reliable remote start!  Compustar is part of Firstech which also makes the most popular system for starting your car from your phone, Drone Mobile.  Consequently the industry knows Firstech for its leading engineering and technically advanced products.

With the Compustar remote start alarm systems you have three excellent choices.   Uniquely each system has its own set of remote controls with their own operating range and feature set.  You can read the descriptions below under  each picture for the differences between them.  From 1,000 ft. max range to over one mile range you can pick which suits your needs.  And you can see these  systems on display today in our store.

Also, ask about Drone Mobile.  Start or track your car from your phone or laptop with the addition of Drone Mobile.   In addition, all Compustar remote start alarm systems we carry are Drone Mobile compatible.  Not to mention, we offer Quality installation available daily!


Compustar  Remote Start Alarm Systems:

Prime 901Prime 901 1-Mile Range Alarm/Remote Start System
1-mile max range, USB rechargeable remote kit. Includes additional backup 1-way remote.

  • 1 Mile Range
  • Inverted LCD Display
  • Command Confirmation (two-way) on LCD Remote

The Prime 901 remote start system is one of our most advanced yet. It features our latest spread spectrum technology and an inverted liquid crystal display with a two-way confirmation system that operates up to 1 mile away from the vehicle. And two-way remote is USB rechargeable. Also comes with 1 way backup remote control.

 Compustar 6900ASCompustar 6900AS 3,000 ft. max Long Range Two-way Alarm/Remote Start with additional backup 1-way remote

  • 3,000 Ft. Range
  • LCD Display
  • Command Confirmation (two-way) on LCD Remote

Compustar CS700ASCompustar CS700AS Remote Start Alarm System with up to 1,000 ft. range. Two Remotes, One Way System.  Installed price begins at:

  • $299 Installed depending on vehicle
  • Includes Shock Sensor, Siren & LED
  • DroneMobile Compatible

 Drone Mobile appDrone Mobile app as seen on your phone.  Start your car from your phone. Only $179.99 Installed

Available for these Compustart systems above. You can Start, Lock & Unlock or Track your vehicle from your Phone.  Together with Free Drone Mobile app and first 30 days service FREE with Drone Mobile product purchase and installation.
Learn More. Watch the Video!

Drone Mobile – Start Car from Phone!

Features of Compustar Remote Start Systems:

Some features are determined by the remote controls you choose, like range or whether or not you have two-way confirmation.  In short most other features are common among systems.  However we’ll explain any details or questions you have about what is included when you visit our store. In the mean time here are a list of common features.

Selection of Remote Controls:

Up to 1-Mile of Range – Range depends on the remote controls you purchase
Powered by Spread Spectrum Technology (SST). Send commands from up to 1-mile away!


2-Way LCD Confirmation – Available with LCD display remote controls
You can receive instant visual and audible confirmation on your 2-way remote’s LCD screen.

2-Way LED Confirmation – Available with LED two-way remote controls
                   Receive instant visual and audible confirmation on your 2-way remote via its LED’s

System Control Features:

Remote Start
Hold down the KEY button for 2.5 seconds to remotely start your engine to heat up/cool down your vehicle.


Keyless Entry
You can press the LOCK or UNLOCK buttons to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle’s doors from extended distance.


Trunk Release
Hold the TRUNK icon to pop your trunk or to activate your power lift gate.  While this is often an included feature, in some systems it is an option at an added cost.  Ask the salesperson about your vehicle.


Auxiliary Control
Customize your Compustar system to remotely activate heated seats, rear defrost, rolling windows, and more! (Max 2 options)  Add these options at an additional cost if available on your vehicle.


Manual-Transmission Compatible
Install most Compustar remote start alarm systems safely onto a manual-transmission vehicle.


Push-to-Start Ready
And Compustar remote starters are compatible with push-to-start vehicles.


Diesel-Engine Ready
Install onto your diesel-engine vehicle!



2-Way Alarm Alerts – Available on LCD two-way remote control only
If your alarm is ever triggered, this security system will alert you on your 2-way remote transmitter.


2nd Car Mode
You can program your remotes to two vehicles with Compustar systems by entering and exiting “2nd Car Mode”.


Dual-Stage Shock Sensor (2-Way)
These security systems include a shock sensor.  They alert you on your 2-way remote when impact is detected.


Tilt Sensor
 Selected security systems include a tilt-sensor.  The sensor triggers your alarm if your vehicle is ever jacked up or towed.


Accelerometer (G-Force Sensor)
This sensor detects forward motion and immediately cuts off the engine if the vehicle is remote started while in gear.   As a result it is available on selected remote start alarm systems when installed on manual transmission cars.


LCD Status – Available on LCD remote controls only
This remote has an LCD screen that shows you the current status of your vehicle.


1-Year Warranty
Compustar remotes are covered by a 1-year warranty against defects and malfunctioning components.


National Auto Sound & Security:

How Important Is Installation: When you are shopping for remote starts and car alarms, installation is critical. On today’s computerized vehicles it takes exact technical information along with proper interface modules programmed with the correct software. And most importantly it takes the experience and skill to know how to install.  In addition each make, model and year of car can be different.  Obviously that’s where experience matters.

When you purchase a Compustar remote start alarm system from us, you are getting the benefit of our staff’s combined 100+ years of technical expertise. Since all shops are not the same, wouldn’t you rather shop and be serviced by the best?  See our local warranty service and support when you buy from us. Click below.

Remote Start & Alarm Local Warranty Support