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Siriusxm Satellite Radio

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Sales & Installation

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SiriusXM Satellite Radio              Great Reasons to Buy Satellite Radio for Your Car

We stock & install the SiriusXM Satellite Radio tuner SXV300vi for name brand aftermarket car radios and we also carry the universal add-on satellite radio “Dock & Play” system that will work with any vehicle including your existing original equipment factory radio.  The average satellite radio installation takes about an hour. We can also install your own satellite radio equipment for you. [wpanchor id=”tuner”]

SiriusXm satellite radio tuner
Direct Connect SiriusXM Satellite Tuner The SXV300vi universal direct connect satellite radio tuner is designed to work with most newer aftermarket car radios like Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion, Jensen, Sony, Dual. It comes with its own antenna. This unit is hidden and program information appears across your car radio’s display. On touchscreen car radios the SiriusXM program material will appear on screen and can be touchscreen controlled. Direct Connect SiriusXm SXV300vi tuner connects by its own cable to a special socket in the rear of your aftermarket radio. The tuner is hidden behind your dash and the antenna installed.

Universal Dock-And-Play Satellite Radio receiver can be added to any car stereo system. Usually mounts on dash or windshield. Works with any car radio. Music plays through your existing car audio speakers.

Advantages of Direct Connect Satellite Radio:

The direct connect option using the SXV300vi tuner and antenna has the very best sound quality and reception without fading or dropping out.  We can add this tuner to your existing aftermarket radio as long as it’s SiriusXM ready. If you already have a car stereo from  Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine, Clarion, Sony, Jensen or Dual that has the newer SiriusXm ready logo, the direct connect satellite radio tuner will work.  It will be controlled by your car stereo and  the satellite radio information will appear automatically on your car radio display.  The satellite tuner is hidden.

If your current car radio isn’t SiriusXm ready or it doesn’t have an auxiliary audio input (see below “Auxiliary signal input”) and you want the best satellite radio reception possible, you should consider replacing your existing car radio with a new one that is SiriusXm ready.  We have many models of satellite ready car stereos on display in our showroom.  The price may surprise you and be much less than you’re thinking.  Come in, we’ll look your vehicle over and if this is theSiriusXm Satellite Radio touchscreen best option for you, we’ll give you an exact quote.  And we can often install a satellite radio solution for you while you wait, no appointment necessary.

When adding the satellite radio SXV300vi tuner to a compatible aftermarket in-dash video deck, the satellite radio information will display on the radio’s touch screen video display – the satellite radio station, artist, album, & selection will appear together plus you can control your satellite radio through the car radio’s touch screen functions.  See the many  satellite ready car video systems  we sell.

Ways to Connect a universal Dock & Play Satellite Radio to your car:

          WIRELESS & Wired: If you are purchasing the universal dock & play SiriusXM satellite radio to add to an existing stereo system in your vehicle, it will come with a wireless FM transmitter built inside. However, now and then an auxiliary “wired”  FM Transmitter module may need to be purchased and installed along with your Dock & Play satellite radio to increase its signal strength by connecting directly to your car antenna system, so your existing car radio will pick the satellite radio signal  up more clearly.  There is no way of knowing in advance if this wired FM transmitter module is necessary.  It just depends on how well the wireless works in your vehicle.

The optional “wired” FM transmitter module sometimes requires special antenna adapters, which we carry.  The wired FM transmitter module is hidden behind your dash so you don’t see it.  The Dock & Play satellite radio signal is seen by your car radio as just another “radio station”.   You listen to the wired or wireless Dock & Play satellite system by setting one of your push-buttons or memory locations on your car radio to the FM frequency of the Dock & Play’s transmitter.  When you want to listen to your Dock & Play, you just press the push-button the satellite radio is on and the satellite program comes through your car speakers.

          Auxiliary signal input: For the very best satellite radio reception with the strongest and cleanest signal for your Dock & Play systems you will want to use an auxiliary input if one is available on your radio. This is the best way to receive the satellite signal and will eliminate fading or your signal dropping out.  This requires the vehicle radio to already have an auxiliary input.  Most aftermarket radios sold within the past few years have auxiliary inputs as do many factory radios in some models of newer vehicles (like the Ford Sync system).  When connected this way the satellite radio is seen by your car radio as another source to select, just like selecting CD, Am or FM.  You select the Aux-In source and “Voilà” you have clear satellite radio for your listening enjoyment.   (The direct connect SiriusXm satellite tuner, SXV300vi, for aftermarket satellite ready radios automatically uses this method of connection through a special jack in the back of compatible SiriusXm ready car radios.)

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