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Why Buy Satellite Radio for My Car?

Why buy Satellite Radio for your Car?   Here’s Why:

Tons of great reasons!  When you experience the convenience and pleasure of  satellite radio in your car you won’t be asking why buy satellite radio.  It’s that good!  First, satellite radio reception comes from a satellite, not a radio station tower and not a cell phone tower. The satellite radio signal is good everywhere in the United States as long as you can see the clouds or the sky. Great for traveling. It doesn’t depend on cell phone reception or whether or not you’re in range of a why buy satellite radio for my car?particular radio station. You can be out in the middle of nowhere and still have great satellite radio reception.  You won’t experience those annoying drop outs you get with cell reception or the fading in and out of a weak radio station.

Your selection of programs is incredible!  Satellite radio programming gives you a unique choice of over 90 channels of commercial free music, + news, tons of sports, politics, talk radio of every description, comedy channels, religious and family radio and more. You can even listen to the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) and CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company) as well as many Spanish and latino stations for music, sports and news and other international channels.

You have touch screen control over your radio stations just like any other radio station on your car stereo receiver. You can see the name of the station, the artist and song title on your radio display.

Plus, You Get Special Features Available with Selected Car Radios and the SiriusXm SXV300vi Tuner:   

Instead of asking why buy satellite radio for my car, you’ll ask yourself “Why didn’t I buy it sooner?”

  • Traffic and Weather: depending on your subscription package and the car radio you have, traffic updates and alerts plus weather alerts and updates are available.
  • Game Alert: Want to know if your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL or college football or basketball team is playing live?  GameAlert™ will display an on-screen message if your favorite teams’ games are being broadcast. Jump to that station with the push of a button so you can listen to the game play by play. You can also get the latest score updates while you are listening to other stations.*
  • SportsFlash is a feature you can set to be notified if a big play happens during a game with one of your favorite teams*
  • Instant Replay: With the SiriusXM Replay™ function you can pause, rewind, and replay up to 60 minutes of live content. Listen to your favorite content again, or hear content you missed while listening to another channel.*
  • Why buy satellite radioTuneScan & TuneStart: Tune Scan and Tune Start are new SiriusXM features. The Tune Scan feature scans through songs from your music channel presets. You can end the Tune Scan and continue listening to the currently broadcast song in its entirety. With Tune Start, whenever you tune to a preset music channel, the current song will automatically start playing from the beginning. *
  • Use TuneMix™ to hear a mix of songs from your favorite channel*
  • Song Alert & Artist Alert: Get alerts when your favorite song, artist or team is playing. Want to make sure you hear your favorite music whenever it’s being played? With SongAlert™ and Artist Alert™ you can get notified when your favorite songs or artists are being broadcast on any SiriusXM station. With the push of a button, you can jump right to that broadcast and catch the songs you want to listen to.*
  • Discover new music and tag for purchase with iTunes radio tagging: When you hear a song you like, simply press and hold down the Volume button for two seconds (depending on your radio). The iTunes® Tagging feature lets you Tag songs you hear on SiriusXM and stores the info on your iPhone®. The next time you connect your iPhone to iTunes, you will be able to preview your selections and then purchase and download them directly from iTunes.*

*Aftermarket car receivers that are SiriusXM ready from name brand manufacturers like Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC, Sony, Clarion may vary from model to model as to which special siriusXm features they support.  Ask your salesperson to check if there is a special feature or group of features you want.

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