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DVR Dash Cams: Record Your Driving Front, Back & Inside

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What are Dash Cams and What Do They Do?

Dash Cam InstalledDash Cams are small digital recording devices that record what they see while you drive.  For this reason they are wide angle cameras that can capture the scene on the road in front of you or wherever you position the camera.  Also they have sensors in them to record whenever a vehicle is impacted.   In this way dash cams will capture a crash scene even if the car was parked and shut off.   The video can be saved or the recording can be set to start over and rewrite what has been recorded.  In this way the recording is a loop that keeps re-recording.


Here are examples of dash cams we carry:


Kenwood High Definition Dash Cam

Cobra Dash Cam with Windshield Mount

Momento Front & Back Dash Cam Combination

Pioneer Dash Cam: Screen view facing driver & Front view facing road

As new scenes use up the available memory of the dash cam the recording rolls over and begins anew.  So how long does it record?  Well, that depends on the size of the memory or SD card which differs with camera models.  On the average most cameras will record several hours or longer.   Then they loop back and begin recording over again.

What are Dash Cams used for?

The dash cam records what’s going on as you drive.  Not only is it a record of driving behavior and road conditions, but also it can show location and direction through GPS.  In addition some dash cams record audio as well so conversations could be recorded.  In this way the cameras can be a detailed record of what occurs.  Therefor it is possible to record both driving activity as well as passenger activity.  In some cases this will require more than one dash cam, each mounted and pointed in a different direction.  As a result depending on the camera you buy and how it is set up the location, speed, direction of movement and driving activity can be recorded.  Consequently a digital record is available in case of an accident, traffic stop, or any other incident.

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Remember, Dash Cams purchased online have no local warranty.  And a warranty without local support doesn’t help you much if your dash cam stops working.   So See our local support benefits when you buy from us, especially if we install your purchase. Click below