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Remote Start Car Alarms Installed in Kansas City

Remote Start Car Alarms are Auto Security with built-in Remote Start

Today’s most popular car security systems can be purchased with automatic car starting by remote control or by your phone. Pre-cool or Pre-heat your vehicle or defrost your windows before going to work in the winter while you have your morning coffee and your car remains locked and secure. Installed today, no appointment needed. Buy your remote start car alarm from Kansas City’s oldest and most experienced car security & remote start store.  Stop by and Talk with a Real Car Security and Remote Start Expert.

Selling remote start car alarms at National Auto Sound
Large selection of remote start systems with car alarms

Our remote start experts will help you make the right choice!

We carry the industry’s most advanced brands of remote start car alarms. Take a look.  Click on the logos and see some of the models we carry. Please come by anytime for a demonstration and we’ll answer your questions.


Drone Mobile Start and
Track Car from your Phone
Use with Compustar Remote Start Alarm Systems

Start your car from your phone!
Use with Python Remote Start Alarm Systems

How Important Is Installation:

Installation is critical for a car security or remote start system.  After all it actually makes up a significant portion of the total price. For example on today’s computerized vehicles it takes experience and skill to know exactly what to do.   And you need exact technical information, the right interface module plus the ability to program it with the correct software.  In fact each make, model and year can be different requiring the right knowledge and information to get it done.

Keep in mind the benefits when you purchase a vehicle security system or remote start from us.  In brief you are getting the benefit of our staff’s combined 100 years of technical expertise. Also we have the ability to service technical issues after the sale – our warranty.   Therefor all shops are not the same. Wouldn’t you rather have experts like us service your vehicle? Isn’t it worth shopping with the best?

Questions? Come Visit Our Store and Talk with a Real Car Remote Start Security Expert!

Remember, if you purchase a remote start car alarm online it has No local warranty. Since we are authorized dealers for the brands we sell, we give a local warranty and local product support when you buy from us, especially if we install your purchase.