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Drone Mobile by Firstech Sold & Installed Here

Remote Start or Track Your Vehicle From Your Phone
Use alone to Locate or Track, or use with Remote Start for Start by Phone. Only $179.99 Installed

Drone-logoUse by itself for full vehicle tracking and locating, or Add Drone Mobile to your compatible remote start or remote start alarm system

We’ll Install It Today! There are multiple Drone Mobile packages and two service plans. For example the basic system starts at only $179.99 installed + parts if needed.  If you pruchase this DroneMobile by itself it is a stand alone vehicle tracking and monitoring system with no remote start.

However you can add Drone Mobile to any of our Compustar remote start or alarm/remote start system we carry for the same price of $179.99.  Lots to choose from. See the Compustar Remote Start systems we sell here or come into our store to see the Drone Mobile system in person and have it installed today!

Drone Mobile Prepackaged Remote Start Systems: (other combinations also available)

Max It Package

Drone Mobile Max It packageDrone packaged with Remote Start Alarm and 2 Remote Control

                        Start It Package

(Remote Start + Drone Mobile together)

Drone Start It PackageDrone packaged with Remote Start and 2 Remote Control


Also USE the Drone GPS Option To Help You Find Your Car:


Service plan required for unlimited cell service use. Service plan is administered by the manufacturer, Firstech. Basic Firstech service includes first 90 days FREE.  Then each additional year of service starts at $59.99 for unlimited use and includes multiple user phones. Also, unlimited GPS Tracking is the premium service program for only $119.99 per year.

BASIC PLAN – No Tracking

Starting at $59.99 yearly or $5.99/month.
Send commands and receive confirmation and basic alarm alerts.

  • Free 90-Day Trial
  • Keyless Entry*
  • Remote Start*
  • Alarm Alerts*

$59.99 per vehicle/year
*Requires purchase and installation of a compatible remote start or alarm system with the necessary convenience options included.

PREMIUM PLAN – with GPS Tracking

Starting at $119.99 yearly or $11.99/month.
Adds GPS-tracking and detailed alerts for speeding and geofencing.

Includes Basic Features plus:

  • GPS Tracking
  • GPS Alerts
  • Vehicle Status

$119.99 per vehicle/year
Premium Package can be used by itself as a stand alone vehicle tracking system without the need to purchase a remote start or vehicle security system.

 Key Drone Mobile Features (See feature chart below)

Ever wanted to locate or track your vehicle? Simply click the Map icon within the DroneMobile app for your vehicles current location displayed on a map. Along with your vehicle’s location, you can view any available vehicle status information.  As an example view your vehicle’s battery voltage, temperature, alarm status, speed and more.

Would it be nice to know if your factory or aftermarket alarm went off? View the latest in push alerts.  Just click the Alerts icon for detailed alert information, such as the zone triggered, vehicle name and time of alert.

How Important Is Installation: When you are shopping for remote starts and car alarms, installation is critical. Consequently on today’s computerized vehicles it takes exact technical information and proper interface modules programmed with the correct software.  And most importantly experience and skill to know what to do. Each make, model and year can be different.

When you purchase a vehicle security system or remote start from us, you are getting the benefit of our staff’s combined 100+ years of technical expertise. Since all shops are not the same, wouldn’t you rather shop and be serviced by the best?  See our local warranty service and support when you buy from us. Click below.

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