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iDataLink Maestro Rr at National Auto Sound

What is the idataLink Maestro Rr?

A web-programmable radio replacement interface for integration with factory systems including steering wheel controls, media player, hands-free telephone, voice commands, and satellite radio modules. 


Maestro also displays vehicle information (performance gauges, climate controls, battery voltage, check engine codes and more) with some iDatalink-compatible car video receivers.

When Do I need the iDataLink Maestro Rr?

We recommend this module when you are installing a new in-dash video receiver which has an iDataLink data port built into it. Depending on your car, the new receiver has the compatibility to display iDataLink’s graphic information like performance guages, climate controls, etc.  See some examples below.

To see if your vehicle has the ability to furnish this information to your new radio through the Maestro module you can visit maestro.idatalink.com  Or you can ask us, National Auto Sound & Security, about compatible in-dash video receivers and your vehicle.

Why use it?

The Maestro Rr is more expensive than some other installation modules.  However it has the ability to furnish graphical data for display on your new car radio.  Buying and using the Maestro depends on whether it’s important to you to have this graphical information on a compatible receiver.

When we install it for you we program the iDataLink Meastro Rr module via iDataLink’s web site with vehicle specific software for your car.  In this way your new compatible touchscreen radio will retain important factory entertainment features and display compatible graphic data.

Some of the in-dash radio features retained by the Maestro Rr

  • Retains Ford SYNC System and GM Feature Variations*
  • OnStar and Bose Systems
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Rear Seat Entertainment
  • Rear View Camera
  • SiriusXM Tuner
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Parking Sensor integration
  • Customizable On-screen Vehicle Information

You should note that retained factory controls you can see with your new radio may vary by vehicle. Visit iDatalink Maestro to validate the factory controls for your vehicle.

Here are some examples of idataLink Maestro Rr Graphic Information as seen on compatible in-dash video receivers:

Maestro-screenshot_AlpineAlpine Tire Pressure Alert Screen via Maestro Rr

Maestro-Gauges-Kenwood-DNXVehicle Guage Information on Kenwood DNX Receiver via Maestro Rr

Maestro-Climate-Kenwood-DNXVehicle Climate Information on Kenwood DNX Receiver via Maestro Rr


Questions on the iDataLink Maestro Rr?
Come into Our Store and Speak with a real Car Audio Expert!

And Remember an iDataLink Maestro Rr purchased online has no local warranty. Since we are authorized dealers for the lines we sell, we give a local warranty and local product support.  See our local support benefits when you buy from us, especially if we install your purchase: