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SPEAKER REPLACEMENT WARRANTY for up to 1 YEAR available on many speaker purchases for Kansas City area customers who come into our store location in Independence, Mo.

What do I have to do? Just Buy your speakers from us. That’s it. If you blow a speaker or subwoofer or if your speaker just goes bad and your purchase comes with a year warranty support through our store, which most woofers do, you automatically receive our speaker replacement service from National Auto Sound & Security. We’ll replace your bad speaker for you for up to 1 year, subject to some guidelines and speaker availability from the manufacturer.

No online store is likely to warranty a defective or blown speaker for more than a month or two at most. Some may not cover them at all.  When the speakers are purchased here in our store you’re covered.

What happens if my speaker goes bad?

While a speaker can become defective on its own, the vast majority of defective speaker problems are from accidentally over-driving & blowing the speaker. People who never thought they would damage a speaker get carried away listening a little too loud, or a friend or family member uses your car and the next thing you know one of your speakers isn’t sounding so good. But regardless what happened, don’t worry, You’re Covered!

Burnt Speaker Voice Coil: Speaker damage from over-driving and distorting speaker

We replace defective or blown speakers

Within certain guidelines and for up to a year depending on brand, we can replace your bad speaker. If your speaker goes bad, you’re not out in the cold. Just bring in your defective speaker along with the box and packaging and we’ll replace it. What if you paid for installation and we installed your speakers when you bought them?  In this case we’ll replace your defective speakers and install a new one, often while you wait. Certain restrictions apply to reduce speaker abuse. Some manufacturers require us to return the defective speaker in its original packaging. Therefor please save your original speaker box and packaging in case the manufacturer requires it.  See the fine print for details.  See the other benefits you’ll get when we install your purchase.