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Local Warranty and Support for Vehicle Alarms and Remote Starts

Local Warranty Benefits:

Get a 1 YEAR LOCAL WARRANTY & SERVICE SUPPORT + LIMITED LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY when you have National Auto Sound & Security install your remote start or alarm purchase.   Here’s what you get:

INSTALLATION DONE RIGHT the first time.  Our experienced staff will do your installation the way you expect. We’ll test the installation when we’re done, making the necessary adjustments to your equipment to set it up right.

• INSTALLATION WARRANTY: We warranty our installation for a year on most remote start and alarm purchases against any defects in workmanship or materials and we honor the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.  If something goes wrong with the install we’ll fix it at no charge.

• FREE TROUBLESHOOTING[wpanchor id=”troubleshooting”]: If you feel your product you purchased from us might be defective but you’re not sure what’s wrong, our Installation Warranty includes FREE troubleshooting in your vehicle to determine if your purchased product is defective.

• FREE REMOVAL & RE-INSTALLATION: If your purchase is in need of service, our local warranty of our Installation Service includes FREE Removal and Re-installation for alarms and remote starts for the first year if the product has a year warranty.  This means after we’ve troubleshot the system, if your covered product needs service we’ll remove it from the vehicle and after its fixed we’ll re-install it at no charge.  Most defective car remote starters and car alarms are exchanged on the spot so you don’t have to wait.  Therefore repair, while it does occur occasionally, is not something that most customers ever have to wait for.

• FREE  REPAIR  AND REPROGRAMMING of your alarm, remote start, bypass modules or remote controls if needed during our warranty

• OVER THE COUNTER EXCHANGE FOR UP TO A YEAR on most models.  If your product you purchased from National Auto Sound & Security is defective and we installed it for you when you bought it, our local warranty service will normally provide an over the counter exchange of the defective alarm or remote start product for a new one of the same model for up to a year if the product came with at least a 1 year warranty.   Our installation warranty covers troubleshooting at no charge to find out what’s really going on with your product in your vehicle.  We provide free removal and re-installation plus over-the-counter-exchange of most defective product, often while you wait.  Simply put, you get top tier customer service benefits not available at most stores.

• LIMITED LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY:  Most car alarm/remote start manufacturer’s offer a limited lifetime replacement warranty on the “brain”, the main part of the alarm or remote start.  When we do the installation we honor the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on the car alarm or remote start “brain” by helping the customer get a new brain from the manufacturer, even years after your original purchase.

National Auto Sound & Security has been in business in the Kansas City area since 1965.  That’s over 50 years.  We provide timely customer service to our customers every business day.

Your rights as a consumer to put aftermarket alarms, remote starts and other equipment on your vehicle while keeping your factory warranty is protected by law.  See Magnuson-Moss Warranty Protection Act.