Local Service & Support Example

Local Service exampleExample of LOCAL Service & Support from National Auto Sound & Security: A customer was shopping for an in-car video system. Because he was concerned about quality and customer service he decided to shop locally at our store. He knew we’ve been here for many years and had a good reputation for quality work. We showed him a brand we trust from our experience that had a locally serviceable warranty. He decided to purchase it and this qualified him for our full local service and support. He got a competitive National Price and he paid less for his install because he purchased his product here. In fact he got his purchase installed the same day and he didn’t need an appointment. While most customers may not need customer service, nothing man made is perfect, regardless of the brand. And that’s why Local Service and Support is so important.

When this customer unexpectedly had a problem 9 months later, we troubleshot his car video system at no charge to figure out what was wrong.  When his equipment turned out to be defective, even 9 months after the sale, we were able to replace it with a new one of the same model.  Without our local warranty service and support, the customer would have had to figure out what was wrong himself, remove it from the car himself, contact his manufacturer, box it up, pay the freight, send it in and then wait three to six weeks to get it back.  But we replaced it the next day and he was on his way.  His kids were happy too.   As is human nature, he waited till the last minute to seek service.  Yet he still had his replacement product installed in time for his road trip with his family later that week.

Not every incident of  local service and support goes so quickly.  But one thing is true.  With our local support we’re in your corner trying to get your problem resolved as soon as possible.   For more information on what our local installation service & customer support includes, click here.

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