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Alpine Amplifiers

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alpine_logo-Lrg Alpine amplifiers are some of the strongest, most durable and highest quality on the market today! Alpine offers great value and fantastic performance in all of its car amplifiers. Alpine’s newest PDR amps with PDX technology, X-Power and V-Power amps all come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty! We carry a complete selection of Alpine Amplifiers ON DISPLAY, so come and visit our store today.


Alpine Amplifiers
Alpine PDR Amps, Alpine V-Power Amps, Alpine X Power & KTP Power Packs on display!

Alpine PDR amplifiers

These amps offer the best performance in their class, redefining expectations in the high-power amplifier category. Thanks to trickle-down technology, our in-house engineering team has taken many of the patent-pending technologies introduced in the industry-leading PDX series and infused them in the new PDR-Power amplifiers. The PDR-Power amps provide you with the absolute widest bandwidth, best signal-to-noise, lowest distortion and highest damping factor of any amplifier in their class without sacrificing power.

The new V-Power amplifiers

V-Power amps are now Class D digital amplifiers, resulting in a huge efficiency gain versus their predecessors without draining your battery or your pockets. Class-D provides continuous clean power to your speakers, operating at 80% efficiency far greater than conventional Class A or B amplifiers. Translation: Enjoy cleaner bass, even during extreme power demands.

V-Power amplifiers are known for their compact size, but don’t underestimate their power capacity. Although they have a 40% smaller footprint than their predecessors, they produce the same amount of power as before. Get the power you need, even if you have limited installation space.

KTP Power Pack Amps

Compact size lets the KTP amps fit where most amplifiers won’t. The KTP-445U comes equipped with the RCA and Auto-Sensing-Speaker level connectors and it fits behind the head unit in the dash of most vehicles. It’s small and compact at only 7-7/16” x 1-1/2” x 2-1/2”. The size and flexible wires make the Power Pack amps an easy choice to save space. Great for cars, ATV’s or Motorcycles.

Questions? Come into Our Store and talk with a real Car Audio Expert!  We’ll help you pick out the amp that’s right for your system.

And Remember If you purchase an Alpine amp online it has no local warranty.  Since we are authorized dealers for the lines we sell, we give a local warranty and local product support.   See our local support benefits when you buy from us, especially if we install your purchase.