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Quality Car Stereo Installation, Car Video, Remote Start, Backup Camera Installs & More

When you buy equipment from us, we can often install it the same day*.  Our Installation  Services are available whether you are buying product from us or not.

What Does Car Stereo Installation Cost?

If you’re purchasing the stereo from us installation begins at $59.99 plus any parts if you need them. Price can vary depending on vehicle make and model and type of unit purchased. If you have your own stereo, customer installs are usually $10 more.   We’ll quote you an exact price before any work is done.  The total price depends on the car and the type of stereo being installed. Sometimes we need to see the car and equipment at our store location to give an accurate quote.  Read More about car stereo installation here.

Corvette in Garage, Car audio installationRemote Start, Car Video, Car Audio, Backup Cameras… car audio installation, Garage Car hood openWe also do installation Repairs and Troubleshooting Honda custom box, car audio installationClick for examples of custom installations
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We install customer product every day. You don’t have to buy it from us.

While our installation cost is lower if you buy your product from us, we will install your stuff any day as long as we have time.  Few shops in Kansas City are able to accommodate customer installations as quickly as we can. If you need a car stereo or car speakers installed or you need to install a car amplifier or install your car alarm, we can do it.  You say you need a car audio installation for the used stuff you got from your friend?  We help folks like yourself every day with their car audio installation needs.

Provided that we’re not too busy installing our own sales, we most likely can install your stuff.  Just be prepared to drop off your car if we’re busy.  In addition you can call in advance to check how busy we are, just in case we can’t get to you that day.  During the busiest times of year, like around the Christmas holidays as an example, we often are booked with our own sales and are not  able to perform customer installs.

Car Audio Installation at our shop, where we are dedicated to Quality workmanship

Car Audio & Remote Start Service & Troubleshooting:
We Fix Car Audio, Remote Start, Car Alarm, Car Video & Bakcup Camera Problems

What is Troubleshooting?  Troubleshooting is service to find out what is wrong with the system and fix it or give an estimate of needed repairs.  If your product and installation is covered by our local warranty support, our service & troubleshooting is FREE and the repair or correction of the covered problem is FREE.

We have a beginning troubleshooting fee of $69.99 for troubleshooting your own system The fee can be less or more depending on the particulars of your situation.  We’ll find out what’s wrong and either fix your system for the troubleshooting fee or we’ll give you an estimate of parts and labor to complete the repair.  Your troubleshooting fee is often credited and deducted from the repair cost.  The total cost of your repairs will depend on what we have to do, though many times we can fix your problem for the troubleshooting fee itself.  Questions?  Call us: 816-356-8700.

We do car audio installation service & troubleshooting, car audio wiring repairs, installation repairs on aftermarket car alarm & remote start systems, car video & backup camera systems and other related car installation problems. We don’t repair radios themselves.  If a radio is bad we will offer you an estimate to replace it.  For example, we are often able to replace a defective car radio with a new one quicker and cheaper than you finding someone to repair your old radio.

If we service your system and find you have defective equipment, you can decide to have us replace the defectives with new product purchased from us.  In this case, we can often credit some of the troubleshooting charge back to cover part or all of the installation cost of the new product you’re buying from us.

Before you decide to replace or remove your car audio product, you better know for sure that your stuff is really bad. That’s why troubleshooting the car audio systems is important. Troubleshooting service can save you money and time by making sure you fix or replace the right thing.

We work on all types of vehicles, from Boats to Antique Cars

National Auto Sound & Security has been performing quality car audio installations and remote start installations as long as our industry has been in existence. We have established a reputation for quality workmanship and affordable installation excellence. We are installation experts. We are leaders of car audio installation in Kansas City.

We thank you, our customers, for your support over many years. We appreciate all the return business we get. Without you we would not be here. Thank you, and as always, we are here to serve you.


Your rights as a consumer to put aftermarket alarms, remote starts and car audio equipment on your vehicle while keeping your factory warranty is protected by law.  See Magnuson-Moss Warranty Protection Act.

*While we can usually install your purchase the day you buy it especially if you come early and you’re able to drop off your vehicle, sometimes especially during the busy holiday season we aren’t able to accommodate everyone the same day.  In this case you may have to make an appointment to drop off your vehicle on a different day to have your installation done.