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The Fine Print:

Requirements and Benefits:

  • These policies are established to offer you quick replacement of your defective speakers as part of our local speaker warranty support.  Some of the guidelines are established to reduce speaker abuse.  Most defective speakers can be replaced that day as long as they are in stock.   Please call in advance to let us know you are coming and what kind of speakers you have.  If we are busy there may be a wait before you can be serviced.
  • Speaker must be within the manufacturer’s warranty. Also they must not be more than 1 year from the date of purchase from us.
  • A defective speaker can be replaced with the same brand and model only.
  • Speakers must be current in the manufacturer’s line for us to be able to offer this replacement.  If the speaker model has been discontinued, some manufacturers require the defective speaker to be shipped back to them for replacement.   If we did not install your speaker and it is discontinued, you must handle this yourself.  On the other hand if we installed the speaker for you we will handle the return for you.  A shipping and handling fee may apply.
  • You should save your speaker packaging and box.  Sometimes they are required by the manufacturer before a defective speaker can be replaced.  Otherwise we may not be able to help you.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Each woofer can qualify for a defective replacement only once within this program.  For interior speakers like a pair of door speakers or tweeters we will furnish a replacement one time for each speaker.
  • If we installed your speakers when you bought them from us we will check the speakers to determine if they are bad.  This troubleshooting is free as long as they are under warranty and less than one year old.  Then we will remove and replace the defective speaker at no charge for labor.
  • National Auto Sound & Security is the sole determiner of whether a speaker will be replaced under our speaker warranty support program.  If  for any reason we decline to replace a speaker, you have your manufacturer warranty. In this case you may seek warranty service by contacting the manufacturer.  If in our sole judgement a speaker appears to be abused, we may decline to replace it.

Shipping and Handling Fees:

  • Shipping and handling charges may apply in some cases if you purchased your speaker without installation.   For example if your speaker qualifies for a defective replacement and your speaker is within 30 days from the date of purchase, we will replace the speaker at no charge.  However after 30 days or if a 2nd defective speaker replacement becomes necessary there will be a handling fee charged. We will replace your speakers and charge shipping and handling.  This covers our cost of returning the defective speaker(s) to the manufacturer.
  • If we installed your speakers and it is within 90 days from the date of purchase:  If your speaker qualifies for a defective replacement we will replace the speaker at no charge.  After 90 days we will replace the speaker and collect a shipping and handling fee.  This  covers our cost of returning the defective speaker(s) to the manufacturer.
  • Subwoofers or bass speakers:  Because of their size or weight a shipping and handling fee is charged.  Consequently this applies regardless of when the speaker was purchased or whether it was installed.