What Do Remote Starts Cost

What Do Remote Starts Cost Installed in Kansas City?

It depends on your car and what features you need or expect before you can get an accurate price.  Its like shoes.  There isn’t one size that fits all feet.  For some older cars and some base model newer vehicles a remote start can be installed for $179.99 to $200 + Tax complete. 

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However,  most newer vehicles have factory security systems or other electronic systems that require specialized additional parts like an anti-theft interface modules or immobilizer bypass module which we stock.   These parts are necessary to make your car’s electronics talk to and work with the remote starter.  With the special parts included remote start prices average from the mid $200 range to about  $370 range installed with some systems costing over $500 depending on the model of remote start you purchase.  That’s why its important to shop with an expert.  Anyone can quote a low price to get you in the door, but that may not mean a thing.  We’ll always try to give you as accurate a quote over the phone as we can though telephone quotes are not guaranteed.  Occasionally situations arise where we may need to see the car and/or review the installation documents to be completely accurate on price.

National Auto Sound & Security has over 100 years combined experience on staff to serve you.  All things being equal, wouldn’t you want an expert to work on your car?

When can you install a remote starter for me?

How about TODAY.  Even though we offer the highest quality installation available, you don’t need an appointment if you are purchasing a new system and want it installed at that time.  We take walk-ins every day.  An average remote start or automatic start system takes about two hours to install though some cars take longer.  When we are busy, like around the holidays, we may not be able to start on your new purchase the moment you buy it so you may need to drop the vehicle off.

Should I buy my remote car starter online?

NO Way!    … But why not?    Because when all is said and done you don’t really save  money, you end up with no local service  or local  no warranty at all and you’ll often get the wrong parts.  Here’s why:

  • A remote start takes special skill and experience to install. Unless you are one of those rare individuals that is comfortable with car electronics and has the knowledge to know where to access each wire’s hook-up under your dash, and how to program the parts, leave it to the experts.
  • The remote start installation can be expensive and few places do it. The average cost to install your online remote start purchase is between $100 and $180 not counting special parts which can average $50 to $160 or more per vehicle.  So even if you buy one cheap, (and by the way, “Cheap” can also mean cheap quality and no service.) by the time you add the installation price, it’s not that cheap anymore and will often be about what we charge for our remote start systems which includes local service and a complete warranty on  parts and labor.
  • Many name brand manufacturers will not warranty their product unless it is installed by an authorized dealer. Buying a product online won’t give you that warranty.  Even if you find an “authorized” dealer to install it for you, you didn’t buy it from them.  They won’t guarantee your product or work on it for free.  What happens if your remote start has a problem? Not only will no one work on it for free, if it is defective you either won’t be able to get it serviced by the manufacturer since it wasn’t installed by an authorized dealer and you’re just out of luck, or you’ll have to send it back yourself at your expense and pay someone to re-install it 30 days later after it’s exchanged.
  • What good are warranty promises from internet sellers? How will that help you when you need service?  And probably none of them will help you after 30 days anyway.  What about the hassles involved with removing your remote starter, boxing it up, shipping it back and waiting to see when or if it will be exchanged and then having it installed again.  And what if the problem wasn’t the remote start at all, but your own lack of installation ability and knowledge to solve an install problem or to properly program your unit in the first place. In that case your returned or “repaired” remote start still won’t work.
  • You often end up buying the wrong thing or are missing parts you thought were included. Often the online dealer won’t really know what product will work best with your car even when they give you assurances or will tell you your purchase is complete and you don’t need any other parts when you do.  They don’t actually know nor do they have the training and experience to know what you need.  They don’t install and your car isn’t in their garage.  So your great deal turns out not to be so great.  We see this every week during the winter.  People think they are buying what they need online when they’re not.

Our prices already include quality installation, parts, and local warranty support. You get a better deal, period.

And absolutely, if you love somebody, DON’T give them an online remote start purchase as a gift unless you plan to pay the expense of their installation, or else you will just be giving them a giant headache or pain in the you know what. Over the years we have seen so many people come into our store with their online or Wall-Mart type “gift” remote start. Many just end up giving it to someone else or leaving it in their closet or behind the seat of their pickup because they don’t want to pay the added expense to install their “gift”.

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*Telephone quotes are as close as we can get over the phone, but are not guaranteed. Prices can differ because tech notes on your vehicle may reveal parts or labor we were not aware of when we first quoted. Remote start installation can be very technical. With the volume of calls we receive, it is not possible to read all the tech notes on your vehicle when you call for a quote, especially around the busy holiday season. We quote the best we can based on our knowledge and experience.