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Code Alarm remote start systems are among the finest values if you’re looking for a quality remote start with great reliability and a great reputation.  For years Code Alarm has been a leader in the car security and car electronics fields.  Code Alarm systems are one of the oldest most established companies in our industry.  See the best on display in our store.  Stop by.  Talk with a real remote start specialist. Quality installation available daily!

Code Alarm Two-Way LCD Remote Start System CA5554

Code Alarm Two-Way LED Remote Start System CA5354

Code Alarm One Button Two-Way Remote Start System CA4554

We carry three different two-way remote start systems by Code Alarm beginning installed from $299.  A two-way remote start system gives you confirmation on at least one of your remotes by a beep tone + flashing lights or a beep tone and a picture (on the LCD remote start model) that the car has started.  This gives you the certainty that your vehicle has started, even when you can’t see it.  Each of these systems comes with two remote controls and a host of features. These three systems are all slightly different and each has its advantage.  We recommend dropping by and allowing us to see which system fits your needs the best.

Code Alarm remote start systems and Code Alarm car alarms with remote start are installed daily.

How Important Is Installation: When you are shopping for remote starts and car alarms, installation is critical. On today’s computerized vehicles it takes exact technical information, proper interface modules programmed with the correct software and experience and skill to know what to do. Each make, model and year can be different.

When you purchase a vehicle security system or remote start from us, you are getting the benefit of our staff’s combined 100+ years of technical expertise. Since all shops are not the same, wouldn’t you rather shop and be serviced by the best? See our local warranty service and support when you buy from us. Click below.

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